Levitra Generic

When using the drug you will feel the action of substance Vardenafil and effect takes place after 15 minutes after its absorption. The pills have effect during 4-5 hours.
The drugs are produced in 5, 10 and 20 mg, providing accurate and custom dosage.
Generic has effect in case only if sexual exciter is in the place (petting, foreplay, erotic movies). Due to this generic, the blood outflow will slow down. It will disappear after some time after the emission of seminal fluid.
Active substance Vardenafil is well perceived by organism in most cases. Sometimes the adverse reactions may appear, though, as a rule, they are insignificant or slightly pronounced and quickly disappear.
Generic Levitra is constantly available at the site, the price and quality will be a nice surprise to you. Upon delivery, we preserve your secrecy and spare your time.
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Levitra UK

Package Price Per pill Savings Order
10mg x 10 pills £23.36 £2.34
10mg x 20 pills £38.96 £1.95 £7.76
10mg x 30 pills £54.55 £1.82 £15.52
10mg x 60 pills £93.55 £1.56 £46.60
10mg x 90 pills £124.75 £1.39 £85.48
10mg x 120 pills £155.94 £1.30 £124.36
10mg x 180 pills £210.53 £1.17 £209.91
Package Price Per pill Savings Order
20mg x 10 pills £27.26 £2.73
20mg x 20 pills £46.76 £2.34 £7.76
20mg x 30 pills £65.47 £2.18 £16.30
20mg x 60 pills £126.30 £2.11 £37.24
20mg x 90 pills £175.44 £1.95 £69.88
20mg x 120 pills £210.53 £1.75 £116.56
20mg x 180 pills £280.73 £1.56 £209.91
Package Price Per pill Savings Order
40mg x 10 pills £38.96 £3.90
40mg x 20 pills £70.15 £3.51 £7.76
40mg x 30 pills £93.55 £3.12 £23.32
40mg x 60 pills £173.10 £2.88 £60.64
40mg x 90 pills £233.93 £2.60 £116.67
40mg x 120 pills £280.73 £2.34 £186.75
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