How to Use Dapoxetine

Premature ejaculation refers to sexual disorders, but it is treated much easier than the absence of ejaculation in general or sexual impotence. The fact is that, among the reasons for early ejaculation, the three most important are the hypersensitivity of the penis, overexcitability which is found mainly in young men who have recently begun to have sex, and vasculitis (inflammatory processes in seminal vesicles). Each of these problems can be successfully solved in various ways. A condom or lubricant with an anesthetic-prolonging agent significantly reduces the sensitivity of the penis and allows increasing the duration of frictions. Overexcitation associated with inexperience disappears as soon as a young man gets used to a certain rhythm of sexual life, and in the presence of fears and complexes, a good psychologist and sexologist will help. Vasculitis is treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, massage and other methods. If necessary, the patient can be circumcised which significantly prolongs the sexual intercourse. However, do not get drink alcohol regularly as it also reduces the sensitivity of the penis and pushes the moment to reach orgasm. Alcoholism is much harder to cure! Men who suffer from anorgasmia are in a less advantageous position since orgasm for them is often the inaccessible luxury. As they say, less is better, yes it is better, than in general in any way. Especially the reasons for the inability to achieve ejaculation can be endocrine disorders, pathologies in the development of the genitourinary system and nervous disorders, and all this is poorly treatable. Therefore, premature ejaculation is a temporary condition, most importantly – there is an erection and ejaculation, and the rest with proper desire and purposeful efforts will come back to normal. Not superfluous will be generics like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, you can try to buy Dapoxetine – a special drug that helps to control the duration of frictions. It will help the body to relax, relieve stress and stress; will give strength for full and high-quality sex. It is said that love helps overcome all obstacles, so the best medicine for treating sexual disorders is partner support, understanding and help in overcoming the problem. Sexologists say that sometimes this is enough to restore normal sexual function. Therefore, if you have a reliable and loyal friend, consider that half the case is already done!

Dapoxetine for Long and Colorful Sex

Premature ejaculation is a serious problem both for the man himself who feels guilt, shame and fear of possible affinity and for his chosen one whose satisfaction does occur almost never. We have already talked about the peculiarities of this disorder and its causes, and therefore we should pay attention to the methods for its elimination. To ejaculation does not happen too rapidly and a man could not only make love for a long time but also enjoy the caresses of the penis, it is necessary to somewhat reduce the sensitivity of the head. Given the urgency and importance of this issue, through prolonged research, special medical aids have been invented that help a man without harming his body. Such drugs differ in the duration of the action, the form of release and the effect. Picking the right one, meanwhile, is not at all difficult.  Dapoxetine is one of the most effective medications tested on thousands of men. It manifested brilliant results. The drug is available in tablets and taken one hour before sexual intercourse. The pill does not have a cumulative character – the result is manifested even at the first admission. Thanks to this tool, the duration of sexual intimacy (that is, the time before ejaculation) are extended by thirty minutes. There is also a combination of Dapoxetine and Viagra. This medicine helps to maintain the erection and have a good sex for 20-40 minutes or more if needed. Such components guarantee a more prolonged sexual contact as well as a permanent erection for a certain time. It allows having sex several times in a row, with minimal interruptions. Dapoxetine should be taken one hour before intimacy. This medicine has side effects; all of them are written in the instruction and should be read attentively before the intake. The most widespread of them are vomiting, nausea, headache, and diarrhea. Severe adverse effects happen in 1-3% of men, and these are cases of complete intolerability of the drug.