medications you offer are brand name pills?

There are only generic products in our products lists.

What is the meaning of “generic medications”? Do such medications have the same effect as the brand name medications?

Brand name and generic medicine differ in the name, form, color and price. A generic medicine is usually bears the name of the active ingredient when a producer uses a brand name. But, a producer cannot obtain a patent for a particular chemical substance, this is why producers of generic drugs can legitimately produce “generics” medications. They have the identical chemical substance and main effective ingredient, the medical effect is the same. That is why a customer pays less but receives the same result by purchasing generic pills. Though it has to be mentioned that only if you follow all the prescriptions of your healthcare professional you get the expected result.

What is the reason that they are inexpensive?

Research and development and advertising make the major part for producer’s expenses of brand name drugs, which is not the same for generic drugs. Even costs for getting FDA permission only in the U.S. are very high. Producers of generic drugs do not have to undertake or redeem these expenses. Therefore, it leads to significant savings for customers.

Your pills look differently than the brand name pills. And why there is a different name on the ones I have received?

As it has been stated above no producer can get a patent for a chemical substance. In such a way generic drugs can have identical effective components as the brand drugs. Although, names and appearance (form and color) of drugs are considered to be the intellectual property, and they are licensed. That is why a generic medication’s producer will be accused of intellectual property theft for using the same name and form of the brand medications. That is the reason why generic drugs have different appearance, color and form in comparison a brand name drugs.

How can you prove the quality of your medications?

Our first priority matter is the quality of medications that we sell. Because it is quite logical: the higher level of the quality of our products, the more clients we attract. For this reason we pay attention and carefully select our suppliers, and the quality of medications is precisely examined and the record materials are carefully verified. We produce our pills in India by an Indian state licensed company, which is certified by the Indian FDA.

What is the expiry date of the medications?

The date of expiry is printed on every blister pack. And it is different for different batches. The shelf life expiration differs from batch to batch depending on when they were produced and generally is 2 years from the date of actual production.

How different 50mg and 100mg Viagra tabs?

Our product Generic Viagra is on offer in 50mg and 100mg tabs. They contain adjusted measurement of its effective component-Sildenafil as following: in a 50mg Viagra pill there are 50 mg of Sildenafil and in a 100mg Viagra pill there are 100mg of Sildenafil. To get the result a 50mg pill is the usual dose. Though, the result from components differs from one person another in different ways that is why we recommend you to begin with 25mg (divide a 50mg pill in two and take at first one half) and see if this dosage is enough for you, if not – take a pill of 50mg.

How to make the order

Is the prescription needed to make an order?

There are certain medicines that we offer which require a current prescription. If by the law of your country you are obliged to have a prescription for a product which you want to buy our representative of customer support will ask you to send it after you fill in the order.

Please note that for your order we need a legitimate prescription, and if you don’t provide such within a period of three days, your order will not be continued.

We strongly advise our clients to consult medical specialists, before ordering, to be confident that you are ordering the right the medicine for you.

What is the procedure of making the order?

Please note that we accept only orders that are made only through our website. Orders over the phone or by e-mail are not accepted.

To make an order of our products please do the following steps:

  1. By pressing “Buy now” button select the product you want to buy
  2. Select the number and quantity of products you want to purchase
  3. Press “Checkout” button
  4. Complete in the order with the required information
  5. Look through the information you have filled in, if everything is correct and click on “Submit transaction”
  6. Your order is accepted if you see on the screen the notification and you automatically receive the message of confirmation of your order the e-mail address you mention above. It is important to receive such message, if you do not receive it in a period of 10 minutes, inform us about that and we will send it again.

What are the ways of payment do you accept?

We have the only the following payment method by credit card.

At what stage do you post the amount to be charged?

Here is the procedure of processing your order:

  1. When you complete the form at the checkout page and click on the “Submit”, all the information is transferred to our processing centre where it is verified and after that we charge your credit card.
  2. After your payment is authorized, and your order is confirmed and forwarded.

How secured my credit card information when I provide it through your website?

We are very considerate about the security of our clients seriously and that is why we take appropriate steps to secure our client’s data.

To file the order you will be forwarded to the page of the secure order. To check the safety of the page is simple: you can see a padlock look like icon on the bottom of every browsers window, which means that the data you have filled into the form is encoded with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) while being transmitted to our company that handles the credit card. Moreover, we also control our serves every day to prevent any kind of security threats by such respectable companies as McAfee and WebSafe.

Is there a discount system?

Yes, there is.


Is there shipping to the place where I live?

The shipping is available to every country, except the countries in Asia.

From where you deliver your medications?

Since the medications are manufactured in India, orders are handled and the shipment is done from there.

What kind of packages do you use? Do I have to put my signature for receiving my package?

Client’s privacy is of a high value to us. The order is sent in a discrete envelope and is left in the mail box. There is no need to put signature, unless the package is sent via Standard Mail.

Is the package is shipped on the same day I am making the order?

Our products are placed in a stock and ready for immediate shipment. But first we confirm the order for the reason that the delivery information was correct. Then the chosen product is packed and only after is sent to the customer. Such process takes about 1 or 2 days.

What methods do you use for shipment? How long do I have to wait for my order?

If in the delivery address you give a mail forwarding address (e.g. PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store, APO/FPO), hotel or educational facility or in case you provide us with a wrong phone number, we will not be able to make the delivery of your order via Express International Mail.

Please, take to notice that we do establish the approximate delivery time which in the majority of cases is true, though we cannot make sure because of the possible of force majeure cases specified below.

Please, be informed that our company is not bounded by obligations of continuous delays for the reason of the customs inspections of the international mail.

Moreover, in such periods of times like the Christmas and New Year celebration, natural disasters, strikes and other events we will not be bounded by obligations for the irregularities in mail shipment as such cases we are unable to control.

What are the rates for the shipment?

The client’s choice of the shipping option, point of destination, and the number of medications influences the rate of the shipment. If you add the medication you want to order to the shopping cart and go to checkout you can see the cost of the shipment for your order.

Is it possible that my order is delayed at the customs control?

In such cases we inform our customers. The customs officers request for the customer’s presence and giving permission to inspect the package. Thereafter a customer should receive the order. In case there are other difficulties, inform us and we will try to handle the situation.

What do I do if I receive a damaged package or something is missing?

In such situation you should inform us about such case by contacting our support team. Then there are such options: we can send the package again or make repayment for your order. To find out for more information please go to our Policies.

Please be informed that we will sent the order in several packages in case you make order for 90 or more pills.

How much will I have to pay if you re deliver my order?

Redelivery of the order is free of charges, there will be no extra charges.

Controlling the Orders

How do I control my order?

please contact our support team if you want to check the status of your order.

If the delivery is made via Express International Mail, you can get the tracking number from the same page.

What should I do if I need to cancel my order?

For this case please go to our Reimbursements and Returns Policy.

For Partners

If you want to become the provider of our new products?

Please send the detailed information to our e-mail address. We are open to your suggestions. And please, be informed that the products you are offering should have the quality certificates and correspond with the quality standards.