Shipping Regulations

Our medicines are produced and shipped from India, that is why the delivery takes some time. Usually it takes 10 to 17 days to deliver the order, but in some situations of a delay for 5 more days.

If you do not receive your order after the dead-line, please inform us about the situation. We will do our best to handle the situation and suggest the solution that will completely meet interest of our customer.

Order Cancellation Regulations

Please, be informed that cancellations of orders are accepted specifically in a period of first 24 hours after the order is submitted.

If you want to cancel the order please inform us about your by contacting our support team by phone or e-mail. If you contact us after first 24 hours, there is no possibility of order cancellation.

Before submitting your order it is advised to make sure and double check that you have filled in a correct delivery address. In case that there are some mistakes in the data, inform us about that as quickly as possible, because any mistake can lead to the non-delivery of order.

Refund Regulations

Our medications are generically equal to their brand-name analogue. We ensure that they are chemically identical and medical effect is the same.

If the result from our medications hasn’t met your expectations, please inform us about the situation. We will provide you with the return address and when our returns department receive the product, we will begin procedure of refunding.

Prior to contact us, check that you take the correct dosage of the product and exactly follow the instructions for use. And also note that fatty food and alcohol you take before to the pill can the can slow down the effects.

If you do not receive your order after the dead-line (the shipment usually takes 10 to17 days, there may be a delay for 5 more days for the customs inspection) you can contact our support team to qualify for a refund. Your payment will be refund in full to your credit card. This process usually takes 5-7 business days, after this time and you will see the refund at your credit card statement.

The procedure of returns is not accepted because of the specific nature of our medications. We cannot accept them back even if the package hasn’t been open, because there is no guarantee that the storage conditions were met when transporting to us.

Privacy Regulations

We realize the importance of the privacy of all information you provide to us. And it is used carefully and sensibly. We do not such information with other companies or third party service providers.

We provide a 100% security of all transactions on our checkout page. We use 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software that encodes all data you fill in to secure your information. Moreover we ensure that your information is kept safe and private by using servers that are tested by independent and respectable agencies.

In our database only the last 4 digits of your credit card can be seen, but even our customer support operators have no access to the information of client’s credit card.

Terms & Conditions

Only those who access the site from Cyprus direct the content of this web site. The usage of our web site and purchase of our goods is regulated the law of the Republic of Cyprus and qualified as it is accomplished in Cyprus and courts of Cyprus have exceptional jurisdiction.

A person has to be over 18 years old, be a resident of Cyprus and all data provided has to be true in order to register and use our web site. Please be advised to secure log-in information that it hasn’t been wrongly used, because you are responsible for your usage of this web site and for your orders.

The content of this web site has been arranged by the Centralux limited.

The Centralux Limited declines all insurance arrangements allowed by the law in favour to the content of this web site. Any time the terms can be changed.

Centralux Limited and its directors or related companies are not obliged for any damages or any complaints that are the caused by the usage of this website, but this exception of responsibility is not the case in the situation of death or personal injury happened as a result of the carelessness of directors or employees of Centralux Limited.

Take to notice that the purpose of all content of this web site is not to replace a professional medical advice, but provide information in order to support, and not diminish communication between the customer and medical professionals. Before using the medication all the information on the package and labels has to be thoroughly read. If there are any doubts about having a health problem it is necessary to consult the specialist. Please consult your medical specialist prior taking any new medications, especially if you are already under medical treatment.

The Centralux Limited does not control neither responsible for the content of any links on this website which are provided only for customer’s interest and the links do not indicate any approval of content.

If any of these terms are proved to be ineffective or become inoperative then effectiveness and enforceability of the other resources shall not be influenced.

This website should be considered as an invitation. An order made by a customer is an offer to buy, which can be accepted or declined by the Centralux Ltd in its absolute freedom without being obliged to specify the reason. An email with a confirmation is notification that the offer has been on the website. A contract is considered to be made at the point of a sale invoice issued by Centralux Ltd following checking of orders by a chemist. For shipment you must give a real address, P.O. boxes are not allowed.

The client has to understand that the supply is controlled by the US Customs and the FDA as products cross the US border and that can lead in late delivery or failure of delivery of your order. Centralux Ltd will not make repayment for the orders that were not delivered due to the reasons that Centralux Ltd cannot cannot guarantee the exact delivery time of the due to the check at the US customs and in instances. Client accepts responsibility to be prepared for any late deliveries that may happen in receiving the order from Centralux Ltd, and further due to the US customs checking the order, its cost will be fully born by you.

Above mentioned terms and conditions do not influence your warranted by law rights as a consumer.

The offers on this website are available and placed on stocks.

Acceptable Use Regulations

This Acceptable Use Regulations document, with the list of Forbidden Activities, which is an essential part of your Agreement with Centralux Ltd. If you take part in any of the activities forbidden by this AUR document Centralux Ltd has the right to interrupt or close your account.

Centralux Ltd’s Acceptable Use Regulations (” Regulations “) for Centralux Ltd Services is created to protect Centralux Ltd, Centralux Ltd’s customers and the Internet society from unresponsible or unlawful activities. Regulations is a unexceptional list of the actions forbidden by Centralux Ltd which can be revised by the company at any time.

Forbidden Usage of Centralux Ltd Systems and Services:

  1. Passing, spreading or keeping any information that can violate law or regulations is forbidden. This comprises, corporate secret or other intellectual property right which is used without legitimate authorization, and material that is indecent, dishonourable, becoming an illegal menace, or breaks laws of export control.
  2. Spreading of any kind of Unsolicited Bulk Email through Centralux Ltd’s servers is forbidden. Also, the sending of UBE from other service provider advertizing a web site, email address or usage of any resource based on Centralux Ltd’s servers, is forbidden. Accounts or services of Centralux Ltd may not be used to use customers from, or gather replies, sent messages from other Internet Service Provider where those messages break these Regulations or those of the other provider.
  3. Sign in email addresses to any mailing list without the receiving its owner’s confirmation is prohibited. All customer’s mailing lists created by Centralux Ltd must be Closed-loop. The confirmation messages of subscription must be saved on file for the period of the existence of the mailing list. Buying lists of email addresses from 3rd parties for mailing purpose from any of the Centralux Ltd-hosted domains, or refer to any Centralux Ltd account, is forbidden.
  4. Advertise, transmit, or making available by other means any type of product or service with the aim to break this AUR of this company or other Internet Service Provider, including, but is not limiting, the assisting in sending Unsolicited Bulk Email, initiation of different email attacks.
  5. Working with the account in the name of, or using it, or retrading any service to persons or companies listed in the database of Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) at www.spamhaus.org.
  6. User’s unlawful cases to get access to any account or computer resource which is not user’s (e.g. “cracking”).
  7. Getting or trying to get service by any means with the purpose of avoiding payment.
  8. Unlawful access, changing, destroying, or making such attempt, of any data of any Centralux Ltd customers or end-users by any means or device.
  9. Deliberately engage in any activities with the purpose to disturb, or what will cause a regection-of-service (e.g., simultaneous number sequence attacks) to any user either on the Centralux Ltd or another provider’s network.
  10. Using Centralux Ltd’s Services in order to interfere with the use of the Centralux Ltd network by other clients or admissible users.

Clients Responsibility for Client’s Users

Every Centralux Ltd client is answerable for the its users actions and, by admitting service from Centralux Ltd, makes sure that its customers/representatives or end-users take into consideration this Regulations. Complaints about customers/representatives or end-users of an Centralux Ltd client will be transferred to the Centralux Ltd client’s postmaster for further working on them. If breaking of the Centralux Ltd Acceptable Use Regulations happen, Centralux Ltd has the right to stop provide services with or make actions to stop the insulting client from breaking Centralux Ltd’s AUR as Centralux Ltd consider to be appropriate, without informing.

Liability Limitations

  1. Our company is not obliged for, and is not responsible for any late deliveries which are not over the period of 10 days after the stated expected delivery date. 10 (ten) days after the stated expected delivery date, or the next business day, in case of a local holiday, counts as a deadline.
  2. Our company is not obliged for failed delivery if Client provided an incomplete or wrong address, or such address which make the delivery impossible in any other way.
    Our company is not obliged for failed delivery in case if Client hasn’t claimed the parcel, declined it or make the delivery impossible in any other way. All resending in such situations are made only via International Regular Mail.
  3. Our company is not obliged for, and is not responsible for a delivery of any generic medications which does not meet Client’s anticipation by – color, form and size of the drug, existence of any marking or branded printed on the drug, having a marketing name, or manufactured by a producer different from the one Client anticipated to receive.
    For any generic product, all of the product information presented on the website, such as, but not only – thumbnails, product images, producer names and marketing names, are there only for informative aims.
  4. Our company is not obliged for, and is not responsible for lack of effectiveness of the received medications if the product was bought for off-label usage.
  5. By making an order with our company, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept this Liability Limitations. Any action taken to demand payment back for any of the reasons mentioned above, it will be considered a deceitful action and may lead to act in law and put under restraint in our system.